Higher vibrations

There were a lot of negative vibes thrown my way last year, like getting overworked in an unsupportive workplace, being reminded of when a yoga teacher body-shamed me, being trolled by a cyberstalker, and realising that my “friends” weren’t good to/for me. However, I never lost my positive outlook on life. I’ve always thought of myself as an eternal optimist, and no matter how bad things got, I always had a lot of hope for the future. I even made time to give to others, and still had love to share with the world. As Eckhart Tolle says, “if you cannot surrender… do something to bring about a change in the situation or remove yourself from it” – and that’s exactly what I always try to do to maintain my happy-go-lucky attitude.

In October, I attended a mentors’ training workshop run by a charity called Feel the Magic – you can find out more about them here. It’s a children’s charity that I became aware of when my gym ran a fundraiser for them. It was one of my best memories from 2017, which I wrote a little about here. They run grief camps called “Camp Magic” for grieving children who have lost one or both parents, a sibling, or other loved one. I was touched by the work that they do, and decided to become a mentor for Camp Magic.

At the training day I met a lady called Alex, whom I got along with straight away. We met at the registration desk and ended up being in the same group for the small group activities. We are both very spiritual and we talked about all sorts of things, from the healing power of crystals to lighter topics like our love for sneakers. At the end of the training as we were saying goodbye, Alex said, “I can tell that you’re a person of higher vibrations”. I didn’t really know what that meant at the time, but I thanked her and Googled it as soon as I got home.

I created this watercolour last year. There was a week when I felt like I was carrying a lot of negative vibes and wanted to remind myself of how to get back to my higher vibrations

Everything in this universe has an energy, and that energy vibrates at a certain frequency depending on its quality. Every thought, word, and action carries its own vibrational frequency. By having kind thoughts in your head, kind words to say, and being kind to yourself and others, you raise your vibration. The phrase “your vibe attracts your tribe” holds true – when you live a life of higher vibrations, you attract others with a similar vibrational frequency. It is also the reason why we are drawn to certain people, and put off by others; we may not be able to pinpoint exactly what it is about that person, but just felt a certain “vibe” about them.

The lower the vibrational frequency, the denser your energy and the heavier your problems seem. Life is literally weighing you down. You may feel a heaviness or discomfort in your body, and experience emotions such as hatred, fear, greed, or sadness. The higher your frequency, the lighter you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. You experience greater personal power, love, joy, peace, and clarity. You also have more compassion. Having a higher vibration is about living your best life; one that is happy, healthy, peaceful, and meaningful.

Most of the ways in which you can increase your vibrations are actually very simple. However, it’s just as easy to forget to do them. At first you might need to write a list down somewhere to keep reminding yourself to do some of these things, but hopefully with time they become habitual. Some of the things on this list may already be things that you naturally do without even thinking.


  1. Self awareness: be conscious of how different things make you feel, and any emotional reaction that they may elicit in you. Think of how the way you behave affects other people.
  2. Meditate: it can be very difficult to clear the mind, if you have a lot going on in your life.. just try your best. Even if it’s only for a few minutes a day, take some time out to meditate. There are some great apps that offer guided meditation, if you haven’t tried meditation before.
  3. Daydream: visualise how you want your life to be, and what you can do to manifest this daydream. Daydreaming can improve thinking as well as well-being.
  4. Be open-minded and curious: this will increase your knowledge, as well as empathy.
  5. Don’t dwell on negative thoughts or feelings: this is not easy to do. Bad memories are often associated with strong emotions, which makes them hard to banish… but is thinking about them helping? As best as possible, try to let go of things that have happened in the past. Don’t let them affect the way you live in your present. I’ve written an article on forgiveness here if you’re interested. Just let it go.
  6. Sense of purpose: does your job give you a sense of purpose? It’s okay if it doesn’t… we can’t all have meaningful careers, but we can fill our lives with other meaningful activities. Think about what you can do with your time that will give you a sense of purpose.
  7. Take a digital detox: we all know how unhealthy social media can be for our mental health. A lot of it is not “real life”, and we also see images of (fitness) models that are unrealistic, and often photo-shopped. This can (sub)consciously affect the way we think and feel about ourselves.
A watercolour I painted last year. Laisser partir = let go


  1. Use your words wisely: I’m not sure where it came from (I think it may have Buddhist origins), but I’ve read that before you speak, you should ask 3 questions: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?
  2. Absorb uplifting words: these can be from a book, poem, website, blog post, or even a meme! My phone has so many screenshots of inspirational quotes I’ve seen on memes, and I actually do feel uplifted when I read them.
  3. Listen to the lyrics of a song: this is one way of listening to music mindfully. Before you do this, I’d suggest choosing a happy or inspiring song.
  4. Say out loud what you’re grateful for: gratitude journals are great, and they recommend writing 3 things in them daily, but there’s something powerful about saying things out loud.
  5. Tell someone what you appreciate about them: I don’t think we do this often enough. By showing your gratitude, it may encourage that person to do the same for someone else. Spread the love.
  6. Think about your breathing: it’s something that we automatically do to stay alive, but focussing on your breath and really taking some deep breaths brings you to a very restful state. Making your exhales longer than your inhales slows down your breathing.
  7. Say “no” to something that drains your energy: there are certain people or activities that are exhausting (but not in a “wow that was a solid gym sesh” kind of way). Hanging out with a negative Nancy or doing something that doesn’t give you joy is stealing time and energy away from you.
My darling friend Heather and I vibrating so high! Being on a beach after a yoga session, and tapping into our inner child by playing clapping games on a swing.


  1. Take care of yourself: eat raw, unprocessed wholefoods, exercise, drink water, and rest. Take a short nap if you must. Tips on a good night’s rest can be found in my sleep hygiene and sleep product articles. I have another blog post on sleep products coming soon!
  2. Take care of your home: declutter and give it a deep clean. It will make you feel so much nicer in your own home. Getting a plant for your home is also very therapeutic.
  3. Get some fresh air: spending time in nature is so great for you. I love going to the beach, and feeling the sand between my toes. I also like to swim in the ocean, bobbing up and down with the waves and looking at fish underneath me, appreciating their different colours, shapes and the way that they swim.
  4. Move: moving the body is important. A good morning stretch is always a great way to start the day. Even if you are not athletic, there are many ways you can move more. Go for scenic nature walks, try a yoga class, or maybe even dance! Dancing is great because it combines two things that raise your vibration: movement and music!
  5. Get creative: composing music, song-writing, and creating art are all ways in which we can express ourselves creatively. You don’t need to be a trained musician or artist. There are so many colouring books for adults nowadays. There is so much scientific evidence that supports the benefits of both music and art as therapies.
  6. Sense of touch: treat your body to a nice bath (perhaps even with some essential oils for some aromatherapy), a massage, hugs, and soft materials (like a cashmere sweater or a silk pillowcase).
  7. Give: give back to the community, give time to a charity or someone in need, do random acts of kindness without expecting anything in return. Giving to others also improves your own sense of wellbeing.
  8. Conquer a fear: by letting go of your fears, you gain a sense of control, achievement, and stimulation of energy. One of the fears I’ve had to overcome is the start of a triathlon swim, when I sometimes get panic attacks. You can read about that here.
  9. Tap into your inner child: play on a swing, blow bubbles, build a sand castle, climb a tree!
  10. Smile!

I hope that this gives you some ideas on what you can do to increase your vibrational energy. It’s great for your mental health, it’s helped me connect with others who also have a good energy about them, and it’s helped me to stay positive when life just sucks. If you have other ideas on how to raise your vibrations, I’d love to hear them!

Take care,

Miko xx

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