Hi! I’m Miko. Welcome to my blog. Here’s me in 10 dot points:

  • Japanese girl who calls Sydney home.
  • Doctor for 8 years. MBBS (Hons) BSc (Med) Hons. Worked as a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery registrar.
  • Yogini for 8 years.  RYT 200 certified yoga teacher.
  • Endurance enthusiast: 2 marathons. 12 half marathons. 1 Oly-distance triathlon, 1 Ironman 70.3.
  • Medical Sciences teacher at the University of New South Wales for 3 years (mainly Anatomy)
  • Internationally published author and speaker on medical topics (ranging from hand surgery to cancer)
  • Ocean lover. Let’s reduce plastic waste.
  • I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual. I’m all about higher vibrations. Zero tolerance to bullying.
  • I found out that I had perfect pitch when I was in Year 7. I have two diplomas in piano (DipABRSM, LRSM)
  • Plant-based (mostly vegan) since August 2018. Follow my journey..

My blog is a collection of my thoughts on various health, fitness & lifestyle topics that I’m interested in. My opinions are based on my medical training as well as life experience. I am passionate about health education and aim to write in a style that is easily understood by non-medical people.

The other significant part of my life is yoga and fitness. I started ballet classes when I was 3 years old, so yoga as an adult had a sense of familiarity. I want to share what made me fall in love with yoga – it truly is a lifestyle changer.

Endurance events are my other hobby. There’s something character-building about testing your physical and mental limits. Running my first marathon was one of the best experiences of my life! I’m also an occasional triathlete – the tri community is amazing and I’ve learned a lot from them.

Despite my medical background, I consider myself to be a creative. I inherited my right brain from my mum’s side of the family. I’ll include some of my illustrations in my blog posts.

Lastly, I will be blogging about life as a doctor. Things got so bad earlier this year that I experienced a severe burnout that I am still recovering from now. I will dedicate a “Junior Doctor” series to shine light on what it’s like to train as a junior doctor in Australia, as well as help both doctors and non-doctors recognise and manage stress.

Thanks for your interest and time in reading my content! 


Miko xx