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One shoe, nine outfits

Good morning from Sydney! I’m excited to share with you some styling ideas. As I mentioned in one of my recent blog posts here, one of the things that got me interested in blogging was fashion. Fashion became less of a priority these last few years as work took over my life, and I became more deeply involved in yoga. I’ve always enjoyed fashion as a way of creatively expressing myself, and recently I’ve been going through my wardrobe as part of my decluttering mission. I will soon be writing a post on decluttering clothes!

Anyway, I recently interviewed Becki Coakley, an American shoe designer here. She’s very down to earth, and we have developed somewhat of an unexpected and wonderful friendship over emails. I purchased her Charlene Bootie, which I had been lusting over for about 3 years but had been out of stock in my size because they are so popular. I finally own them, and love them… and as part of my decluttering, I thought; “Wouldn’t it be great if you only needed a few pair of shoes that would work with a range of different outfits?”.

Becki recently got in touch with me to ask if I’d put together some outfits that I like to wear with my Charlenes, so this was very opportune! I raided my wardrobe and put my creativity to the test to see what outfits I could come up with. What Becki originally had in mind was the idea that these shoes could dress up any casual outfit, like a pair of jeans and a white top. I put together a few of these, but also a few more “different” ideas… here we go! Let me know what you think of them!

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Black off-shoulder Bardot top from Supré, Poodle skirt from H&M
  2. Top from Asilio (Australian brand), skirt from Zara
  3. Vintage skirt suit bought in Harajuku, Tokyo.
  4. Comme des Garçons tee bought in Tokyo, Jeans from H&M
  5. Shirt dress (that you can’t really see, soz) from Monki via ASOS
  6. Nike crop top, Shorts from French Connection

Before I continue with the descriptions, I just want to say that you don’t need to be rich to look good. There are people who wear designer labels like Chanel and think that they’re stylish. My genuine belief is that style has nothing to do with the price tag of your clothes; it’s more about your creative eye and how you put an outfit together. Most of my items listed above are very cheap – for example the black top from Supré was about $10, and my jeans, skirts and shorts are all from high street shops.

Also, you might be thinking… hold on, I thought the title said nine outfits but there are only six. I have two that are similar to my white tee & jeans look (they are jeans & a white shirt) and I’ve also got another all-white outfit. The collaboration was actually recorded as a video for IGTV with Becki Coakley. You can check out the full video on my instagram page @mindbodymiko. To watch the video, please open via the Instagram app and click on the IGTV icon:

This is how I came up with my outfits and some commentary on how to dress for your shape:

  1. I like wearing monochrome. A white shoe goes with any monochrome outfit. This outfit is a fun style to wear to a party. I never dress according to trend.. I’m not aware of poodles making a comeback (or if they were ever even in fashion tbh). I always think you should dress according to just two things: what you like, and what works for your body shape. I have a pear-shaped / hour glass figure so I try not to wear boxy shapes, which make me look larger. I try to wear things to go in at my waist. I therefore wear a lot of skirts and shorts that are high-waisted and flare out.
  2. An all white-look is one of my favourite things to do. I think it’s striking for both summer and winter. This is one of my favourite tops – I love capes! I like to support Australian designers, and this one is by Asilio. As mentioned above, I like to wear skirts that are nipped in at the waist and flare out due to my body shape. I have many pleated skirts. If something works for my body, I just buy it in every colour, hehe… I have pleated skirts in white, black, gold, navy, grey, pink and peach.
  3. I love buying vintage. My favourite decade is the 50s, but I’ll buy from any decade. I like the idea of re-using old clothes as part of my commitment to becoming a more conscious consumer, although I am being a bit of a hypocrite here, as a lot of the items I’ve featured here are “fast fashion”. However, buying ethically can be expensive and not all of us come from wealth, so forgive me! The other thing I like about vintage is that you won’t see anyone else in the same outfit when you wear a vintage number, and I love being transported to yesteryear and imagining what life would have been like in that particular era.
  4. I bought this Comme des Garçons top from a second hand shop in Tokyo (just to make myself feel better about what I just said about fast fashion… haha). Japan has an excellent second hand store system – everything is rated according to its condition from A to C (A being the best condition). This one was “A” because it was bought by the previous owner and never worn, with tags still attached. The jeans are one of my favourites. It’s best to highlight the slimmest part of your body, and since I have thin ankles and waist, I like wearing skinny jeans with a high waist.
  5. You’ll see this shirt dress in my previous Becki Coakley article, or on the IGTV video. I like to throw on a shirt dress in summer – it’s an easy look for a lazy day. It contradicts what I said about dressing for your shape, but I do cinch in the waist with a belt if I really want to emphasise my shape. I don’t always feel the need to do that, because some days I just don’t really care and wear whatever I want, even if it’s not flattering. My tips on dressing for your shape are really just for when you do want to look your best, which for me is not every day.
  6. I love athleisure. I like dressing up a sporty / street look so I chose to wear my Nike crop top with some high-waisted shorts and the Charlene booties, and some big gold hoop earrings (of course!). Again, this look helps me look the best for my shape by showing my waist and minimising my hips. Wear a dark colour over your largest parts and light colours / horizontal stripes / prints over your smaller areas. If you are pear-shaped, high waisted loose black shorts or pants are your besties.

Please let me know what your thoughts are on my outfits! I hope that there were some styling tips there that were helpful. I mainly dedicate my blog to health and fitness, but if you would like to see more blog posts like this, please let me know also. Check out my IGTV for the full video!

Take care,

Miko xx

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